Cordwainer Footwear Styles

Cordwainer Classics

"These shoes are a work of art as all your shoes are."  

Cathy - Atlanta


"They arrived...and they are GORGEOUS!!! I am thrilled...there is nothing like putting on a new pair of Cordwainers.
I will treasure them and think of Paul each time I put them on."

Carla - San Francisco


"Received my new black Venuses on Friday. They are beautiful and very comfortable. Thank you so much, Molly."

Maggi - L.A.

Cordwainer Carved

All carvings designed by Claire Renaud

"It was worth the wait. My shoes are beautiful and fit perfectly." 

Susan - DC


"I purchased some custom made sandals several months ago, and got them in June. They're the absolute BEST!
My feet finally have a future!! Thanks again for making me a sensational pair of sandals."

Debbie - California


"The shoes are really comfortable, like gloves for the feet, and the two tones of beige make a very pretty shoe."

Barbara - Alaska

Dress Shoes

"Thank you for the wonderful shoes....they are of course a perfect fit and I love the color and feel of the leather.
My feet feel light as a feather when I put them on."

Alice - Vermont